Poker Strategy 101: Raise 'em, Win 'em

Think of the poker table as a stage, and poker as a drama. Think of yourself as an actor, and your opponents, your audience. As an actor, you have to move your audience into certain emotions.

Poker is a psychological game where winning and losing is not merely a matter of having the best poker hand. It is knowing also how to control your opponents' behavior specifically with regards to betting. You make them raise where you want them to raise, and you make them fold where you want them to fold.

Raise is a betting option where the player wagers more than the previous wager. It is a betting option that can be employed as a poker strategy. It is generally regarded as an aggressive approach. It has, however, other uses besides scaring one's poker rivals into folding. When you raise, other players may read it that you are in possession of a strong hand even if you have otherwise. This is bluffing, and if you are able to pull this poker strategy off smoothly, can help you secure the pot prize.

As a poker strategy, however, raising bets has other potential ends. For one, it is a means of growing the community pot, specifically if you have a potentially winning, strong hand. When you raise, your opponents may either match it, or they will top it.

On another note, it may serve to protect one's strong hand from opponents' potentially strong hands by keeping them out of the game before they can improve it. If you up the previous bet, they might be intimidated into folding instead of making more calls or raises.

It can also be turned into an information-gathering poker strategy. You can estimate your opponents' hand strengths based on their reactions to your move.

If you have a weak hand, a free hand may help to improve it. Upping the bet might lead to an opponent to check come the next round of betting, and, consequently, your probability of obtaining a free hand.

In sum, you use raise as a poker strategy to obtain various things. Among these, you bet more to enlarge the pot size. This poker strategy can also be used to gain free hands, and by gaining free hands, the chance to better one's weak hands. It can be used to eliminate opponents' potentially strong hands or weak hands that can be worked into strong hands, and, ideally, strong hands. If you successfully pull off this behavior-controlling strategy, you may raise the pot and win the pot.

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