Where to Play Texas Holdem

That's usually a very difficult question to answer for most Texas Holdem enthusiasts especially when they wish to play online. If this is your problem when it comes to Texas Holdem as well, no need to feel so sad anymore because we've heard your prayers and Santa Claus is here to give you your gift - a short but complete list of reviews on the best sites to play Texas Holdem.

Texas Holdem Site #1 - Poker Stars If you were to ask any Texas Holdem enthusiast what his poker dreams are, no doubt being part and maybe even emerging as a champion in a Texas Holdem tournament ranks high in his list.

If you have a similar dream as well, we suggest that you try out Poker Stars because this Texas Holdem site is the world's largest provider of online poker tournaments. This Texas Holdem site also allows players to have their images displayed and make notes.

Unfortunately, the bad thing about this Texas Holdem site is that live customer support is unavailable and if you're wishing for an easy time of winning at the Texas Holdem tables, this is not just the site for you.

Texas Holdem Site #2 - Ultimate Bet Just like its fellow Texas Holdem site, Poker Stars, Ultimate Bet is highly populated by poker professionals so do not expect to win effortlessly in the Texas Holdem tables. If you wish to learn or improve your skills at Texas Holdem however then yes, you'll definitely benefit from the player roster of this Texas Holdem site.

Texas Holdem Site #3 - Paradise Poker Again, this is one Texas Holdem site that could draw blood just so you could kill the pot at any Texas Holdem table. But, as its saving grace, if you encounter any problem at all, the customer support of this Texas Holdem site is lightning quick!

Texas Holdem Site #4 - Poker Room In this site, you still have to download its software but the download time is easily compensated by the site's great look and feel. Once you start playing poker, the site offers you a great deal of information and statistics to help you improve your chances of winning like all-in probabilities, analysis of hand per each game type and what's more, you can even have the statistics emailed to you!

We hope you have fun playing poker next time in any of the rooms listed here. Choose wisely and don't forget to drop a coin on the wishing well to be on the good side of Lady Luck!

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