No Limit Texas Hold'em: Seating to Win

The secret to win a game of Texas Hold'em is a combination of strategy, skill and a sharp mind. However, it will be a better edge for the player to choose the best seating position prior to the game.

When most poker players just grab whatever seat they could find, the pros who know the difference a significant seating position can do to their game. Finding the right seat and observing the opponents' styles are enough information for a player to strategize his play. What others do not know about you is your best strategy, and you can use it to your advantage to play your opponents.

The rule of thumb is to sit on the left of any player who is an aggressive loose type. These guys are usually out of control especially in betting and raising during the game. Solid players are also to look out for, so sit at their left side no matter what.

Choosing the right position to execute your strategy is the main reason why you need to sit at the left side of these players. Whatever their moves are, they'll be doing it before you since you're on the left. You are positioned to move after them, so you have the edge of controlling your game because of the information you got based on their game.

Another player to look out for is the fish, or the very poor player. These players have interesting seat selection that adds up to their being a poor player. A player who wants to have a better edge and a higher odds of winning, whatever seat he is going to take on the table does not matter. He can take advantage of the situation with the very poor player around.

But you must take note which part of the game the poor player is at his weakest. If he calls too much, the better seat is at his right side; but if he is a notorious bluffer at multiple hands, you should take the seat at his left.

Try to see what happens to your game when you follow these tips. It is still your game that counts the most. Do not rush on playing by taking the position you like on the no limit table. Observe your opponents and their strategies, and then decide which side to sit on.

If you do not win in the first game were you utilize the seating strategy, do not fret. Analyze your game and see if your odds and moves were better than usual. Just continue to practice this strategy and in no time, you'll be reaping the payouts from every game you'll play.

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