Biloxis IP Casino Makes History

The IP Casino in Biloxi made history Oct. 20, when it hosted the Coast's very first poker circuit tournament.

The tournament will last until Oct. 29, and until then the players are engaged in a stiff competition for the chance to win the first prize and a seat at the World Poker Tour Championship event slated to take place in Las Vegas.

IP's director of financial planning and analysis Lee Bond helped set the tournament up through his contacts at Lakes Entertainment, where he previously worked.

"I called and asked what the possibility of getting a World Poker Tour event at Biloxi would be," Bond said. "Two hours later, we had people at the World Poker Tour excited about coming to Biloxi."

Biloxi's Jacob Markowitz has been playing in various poker tournaments for the past three years. He was on the sidelines at the first day of the tournament, he was, however, sponsoring another player. He said he did have plans to participate in the games, which he though would last an average of eight hours.

Grand Casino Biloxi was scheduled to host a World Series of Poker, which would have been the Coasts's first poker circuit event. However, it was cancelled because of Hurricane Katrina.

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