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Don't Give up on Poker

Are things not coming your way? Is it as if you have this poker curse of getting consecutive bad hands? Or worse, is no one falling for your bluff anymore? Are you slowly losing all your life's savings? Is it at this point you just want to turn your buck on poker?

But wait, why should you easily give up on poker when there are several reasons why you shouldn't?

First, instead of giving up, you can take a moment and re-evaluate your poker strategy. Are you becoming a too predictable poker player? Are you letting your cards dominate you? Are you letting your emotions dominate you instead of your head? There are several reasons why you are not winning your poker games, and there's a chance that you are just not looking closely. You should not blame the gods instantly and think that the heaven is against you and this is its way of punishing you. You should think first what you have done wrong as a poker player to cause you your losses.

Second, instead of totally giving up, you can take a time off and engage in activities other than poker. This may give you new and different perspectives that you may be able to use when you come back in the poker world. Plus, this also gives you a chance to study more about poker. Maybe there are some aspects that you need to work on.

Third, take this opportunity to accept that no one is invincible in poker. In every game, like poker, there will be those who will lose, and those who will win. If you can face winning with pride, then you should also learn to face defeat graciously. It will humble you down and make you more open to other lessons in poker. It just means that you still have room for improvement, which is good for you. You don't want to get stagnant, do you?

After facing the loss and doing something about it, you can now come back to the poker world. You are a better poker player now, because you are armed with the poker lesson you should have never learned if not for that loss that you were grudging so much on a while ago. Cheer up, poker should be fun, not painful. Poker, like any other sports, should make you a better person, not a spoil sport. But then, if you really are not ready to lose, then you don't deserve to win at all.

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