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Texas Holdem Poker – The Sport of the Future

For more than a century Texas Holdem poker is growing in popularity, with every decades that turns into history there are more and more Texas Holdem players found. Today not only is this poker variant played all over the world but tournaments of Texas Holdem poker are aired on TV by major sports channels.

Today Texas Holdem poker is everywhere you look – it's on the internet, in your mobile phone, on TV and in sports newspapers. It's everywhere and the Texas Holdem poker craze is spreading on and on, one of the World Series of Poker's winners was a citizen of China – even in the great South Asian nation of China Texas Holdem poker is known.

Not only is Texas Holdem popular all over the world it is also used by many organizations to raise funds. No more does charity organizations present "bing Nights" or other casino-like games, no – today they present Texas Holdem oker games in order to fund their charity operations. is a site devoted for all issues surrounding this unique card games, our team of writers has made great efforts to bring you, our devoted readers, everything on Texas Holdem. We do not seek to compete against other poker-sites since we offer our own unique perspective that is unmatched by any other internet site about poker.

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